Classes and Swim Lessons

Our classes are individually designed to fit the needs of students of all ages and skill levels. The custom programs tracks each swimmers progress and graduates them to more advanced classes as their knowledge and skills improve.

Swim lessons

Learning how to swim is one of the most important skills anyone can learn! At H&L Pools, safety is our number one priority, and the first way to be safe in and around a pool (or any other body of water) is by knowing how to swim!  

H&L Pools has teamed up with the Starfish Aquatics Institute (SAI) [] to provide the best swimming curriculum the industry has to offer!  All H&L Pools’ Swim Instructors are trained and certified swim instructors through the Starfish Aquatics Institute.

H&L Pools offers swim lessons from 3 years of age and older!

Starfish Swim School

The Starfish Aquatics Institute program is split two swim programs – Starfish Swim School and Starfish Stroke School. 

Starfish Swim School – Is for individuals ages 3 and older, learning how to swim.

Starfish Stroke School – Is for individuals who can swim, but are learning/improving each individual stroke. 

Each Level, or Stage, has a competency skill and safety skill the student must learn before progressing to the next Stage!

Pricing and Swim Lesson Details:

  • Semi Private Lessons ($180/Session) – This class will have 2-3 students per 1 instructor. This is ideal for siblings or relatives. There are 8, 30-minute classes in each session.
  • Private Lessons ($240/Session) – This class will have 1 student per 1 instructor. There are 8, 30-minute classes in a session.


Speak with Jeremy Hagan at 877-330-POOL (ext. 3) or email him at

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